ABCrane is a socioeconomic visionary, artist, writer, and musician who delights in employing her skill sets in innovating new models of education and economy . A Bachelor's degree in Sociology trained her to analyze the problems of the world while a double major in Creative Writing coached her how to imagine, innovate, invent—and write!—about solutions to those problems. Her continued self-education includes areas such as holistic nutrition, green business, progressive education,  and social activism, as well as her successful completion of a course in business offered by a wonderful non-profit organization, Women's Initiative. Residing in Sunnyvale, CA, ABCrane heads up her own publishing company and has authored three books on her vision for new models in emotional intelligence and economy.   Her formal education in Sociology and writing coupled with her continual self exploration of psychology, anthropology, and Eastern philosophies such as Buddhism and Taoism has not only paved the way for her personal triumphs over childhood traumas, but has inspired in her the Feel Wheel vision and a novel franchise model designed to organize and accelerate the worker-owned cooperative business movement at large as laid out in her three books, Project Integrity International: Philosophy & Plan for a New economy, Feel Wheel Emotional Wellness Strategy: Emotional Intelligence for the Radical Thinker, and What is Wealth: Thinking Back & Moving Forward. Other works include a collage art series and a book of shorts and poems.


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